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The 24 Hour Lock In is back! Your ideas could win you £500!

Have you got an idea for a business you want to develop?  We’re looking for 25 bright young people (aged 16-24) to take part in a 24 Hour Lock In, at our Coworking space in Caerphilly on the 5th of May.

Five groups of five will be assigned their own expert mentor for the 24 hours and will be competing for the two prizes up for grabs. One for the group with the best pitch for a business improvement task and one for the individual who has grown their own business the most over the 24 hour period.


The event includes overnight communal sleeping areas, on site catering, large collaborative work space, support and mentoring from a range of experts, agencies and resources, plus a speaker on the hour, every hour.

This is unlike any standard business event, this is about creativity and how you harness it to make awesome things.

What do you need?
• An entrepreneurial can-do attitude
• A little bit of creativity

What will we provide?
• Beds, sofas and cushions for catnaps
• Insightful speakers
• Food and drink throughout the 24 hours ranging from beer and pizza to some healthier alternatives
• Mentors and advisers
• Guidance on starting a business
• Support to help recognise your role in a team
• Opportunities to meet influential people
• Experience
• Knowledge
• An opportunity

The focus of this event is to make it a truly memorable and life-changing 24 hours. This change could be small, or it could be the relationship or light bulb moment that defines your next leap.

To reserve your space there will be a £10 deposit which you will get back at the event. Get your application in by the 30th of April.


Erica, a participant in last years Lock In captured the 24 hours so you can really get a feel for the experience.



Start: 5th of May 2017 at 3pm
End: 6th of May at 3pm

The event will take place at:
Welsh ICE, Britannia House,
Caerphilly Business Park, Van Road
CF83 3GG

Any questions? Email us: [email protected]