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Ignite Cardiff is getting much, much bigger for one night only -and we’re pretty excited about it.

Since its Cardiff launch in 2008, we’ve been big fans of Ignite and this Wednesday, Ignite is going bigger than ever with Ignite Cardiff Deluxe at the Wales Millennium Centre meaning an amazing capacity of 1,400 people.

Ignite is all about sharing personal and professional passions. The speakers are given 20 blank slides to prepare their 5 minute talk with each slide auto rotating every 15 seconds, so there’s no time for babbling.

No two Ignite talks are ever the same… there’s a good mix of the humorous, inspirational and educational so we thought the special event would be a good excuse to take a look back at some of the great ignite talks that have come out of the ICE community.

Here are five great ones in chronological order…

Steve Morgan, Morgan Online Marketing
What Skyrim Taught Me About Business Networking #11

Steve Morgan drops the F-bomb (freelancer) and talks about what Skyrim has taught him about business networking. From suiting up appropriately and scouting the competition to taking a friend. After all, you wouldn’t go to a dungeon alone… would you?

Huw Williams, Welsh ICE & Cosmic Anvil
The Value of the Hidden Child #12

Get in the car called destiny, take the wheel and ignore the back seat drivers. Huw shares his favourite quote from a wise, wise man (okay… ‘mon), someone who in Huw’s words ‘learnt a lesson that most adults struggle with’. Have a watch and decide whether you really want to grow up or if maybe it’s time to grow down.

Gareth Jones, Welsh ICE & Boma
We Build This City On Roc A Rol #14

Next up, the Captain of Innovation himself, Gareth Jones talks about why he loves Cardiff and how we can make it a ‘global city’. We’re talking landmark hashtags, sharing knowledge and a year without income tax for Cardiff graduates. Plus he breaks the rule by continuing on about taxi’s at the end (bad Gareth).

Laura Jane Dernie, My Discombobulated Brain
Why We Need To Talk Openly #24

Laura shares her personal experience with mental health and implores people to mean it when they ask someone how they are in this very moving ignite talk.


Toby Townrow, Townrow Consulting
How Creativity and Innovation Can Win The Day #31

Anyone who knows Toby knows that he has a bit of a fascination (obsession*) with Japan, especially when it comes to their 300 different varieties of KitKats.

All profits from the evening will go towards local charities BulliesOut, the Wales Refugee Council and Ty Hafan.

The evening starts from 6.00pm and tickets start from £5. Visit for more information.