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Maybe you should think twice about that home office…

It sounds like the dream, right? You can roll right out of bed and into work. No commute to start your morning, no need to even change out of your pyjamas.

But is working from home really the answer? The reality is, that it can actually be a bit of a nightmare. We’ve asked entrepreneurs for their top reasons for shunning the home office.

Combat that loneliness


“The working-from-home thing is a novelty at first, but it can get boring and lonely pretty quickly. Co-working is great for meeting people, networking and collaborating.”

-Steve Morgan, Morgan Online Marketing

A bit of peace and quiet might seem like just the thing you need to get some work done and you might be right… for a while. But loneliness can be a killer, especially if you already live by yourself.



“Structure is hugely important. It helps you focus on tasks and deadlines while at your desk, set realistic deadlines around your chosen working hours, and leave it all behind at the end of the day. The importance of separating work and personal life cannot be underestimated – there is such a thing as a healthy work/life balance!”

-Lewis Williams, Bomper Studio

A good work-life balance is important. When the line between your work and home life starts to become blurred then you could be in trouble. Having a set routine for your work hours can also keep you more focused and productive.

Professional work space


“Having an office at ICE allows me to separate my home and work life as much as possible. Coming into the office gives the feeling of a start and end to the working day. Being in a dedicated working environment puts me in the right mindset for work and having my own office gives me and my team the space that I would not have at home.”

-Cariann Jones, Wize Virtual Admin

Distractions can come in many forms. That pile of dishes in the sink may catch your eye, you might have a TV show you want to binge on, not to mention your friends and family popping by whenever they like. If you’re going to work from home but don’t have any dedicated office space then you might be in trouble, especially if you live with other people who may not be able to separate your work and ‘home’ life. Listing a business number and address on your website and business cards is also safer and looks more professional.


Collaboration opportunities

“Working in a shared environment brings opportunity you just can’t get at home. Chance encounters and coffee chats lead to further networking, business and sales.”

-Simon Collins, Compass Media Relations

Chance meetings that lead to collaborative projects are few and far between in your kitchen. You’re far more likely to be inspired and build new business relationships bumping into like-minded people in a co-working space.




“Working amongst other businesses offers encouragement and support, particularly if you’re­­ on a downer and under pressure. It’s good to just let off steam and grab a coffee, a problem shared type of thing. It’s very uplifting.”

-Nigel Davies, Response Property Repairs

Running your own business, even for the most experienced entrepreneur, can be a daunting task. When you work in a co-working centre, you have access to mentors, expert workshops and business advisors. There’s also invaluable support and encouragement to be gained from fellow co-workers who share your problems, hopes and dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of that back bedroom and into co-working. You won’t regret it!

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