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For this weeks start-up story Abi spoke to Jonathan Smith from Bounce Media 

What did you want to do when you grew up?

I used to want to be a vet actually!

What were you doing prior to Bounce?

I had a few dead end jobs working for a computer manufacturing company doing admin and reception work. I even worked in carpentry for a week but didn’t enjoy it. Manual labour is not my thing!

What inspired you to start Bounce?

I’d been working a dead-end job for a few years and I just wanted something that would challenge me a bit more really. A friend leant me a book about web-development and I started staying up really late in the nights reading it and it just really interested me and thought I could turn that in to a business.

What have you found most challenging about Bounce?

Probably that you have to wear so many hats, its not just a case of developing or designing a website you also have to think about yours accounts and your marketing and a lot of other stuff. Originally when I started and it was just me, I was relied on for all of it.

What have you found most rewarding about Bounce?

The freedom of it, its not a 9-5 job. If you’ve got stuff that you need to do in the day you can just do it. It’s such a freeing experience to know that you can work whenever you want!

Is Bounce your passion?

Bounce Media LogoCertainly the design and development is. Problem solving as an overall is the biggest thing for me, I’ve always loved finding the next solution to a problem.

Have you got any tips for starting a business?

Find a mentor! That is my biggest regret from my first company and it’s something I’ve found incredibly viable; having someone who has already done it and knows what they’re talking about.

Does Bounce reflect you as a person?

I’d say yes, in terms of things like core values for example being ethical and having integrity with the people we work with.

If you could would you do anything differently?

Probably a lot of things, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think specifically I’d learn more about marketing and sales because that where your starting point will always be.

Thank you Jonathan! If you would like more information on Bounce you can follow their Twitter or Facebook

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