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About Us

At Welsh ICE, we’re passionate about nurturing the realisation of our members visions through offering experience and practical guidance to support their innate capabilities to flourish in a fun, collaborative and creative community, whilst challenging them to overcome their perceived limitations.

About Us
Since opening in July 2012 ICE has become the largest community of coworking start-up and micro-businesses in Wales, currently housing over 200 early stage and growth companies with over 350 business being supported in this time. The majority of the companies operate in the digital tech and professional service industries, and the number of individuals supported by companies in and around the community stands at over 700. Our economic impact assessment reveals that ICE has created £53 million current net additional GVA benefits.


77% of our business survive the first 3 years of business

Compared to 61% 3-year survival rate across the UK and Wales

6/10 of our members do not believe they would have grown as much without the support of ICE

We help inspire, motivate and educate businesses in Wales

78% of our members believe ICE has had a positive impact on their attitude toward innovation

Our members develop cutting-edge ideas and products every day.

ICE has generated an additional £53,000,000 GVA uplift for the local economy

Our members and businesses create wealth, jobs and opportunities for Wales

9 out of 10 of our members have networked with other members in the last 12 months

We offer stacks of events, socials and inspiration. Our members develop genuine relationships.

74% of our members have formal agreements with another member

Businesses often find their first customer, supplier or partner at ICE. A genuine, working, ecosystem.

Meet the team

Here is the ICE Team! All of which are here to make sure everything is ship shape, and available to you as members of ICE. We can be found all over the place, so if you need anything, you’re never too far away from the help you require.

The ICE Team

Adrian Walker

Managing Director

Llinos Neale

Community Manager

Rachel Jane Harris

Digital Marketing Manager

Lesley Williams

Outreach Director

Huw Williams

Site & Sales Coordinator

Pauline Brame


Patrick Valentino

Digital Marketing Specialist

Tom Phillips

Training Facilitator

Keiran Russell

Contracts Manager

Olivia Baxter Lloyd


The Board

Anthony Record MBE


    Adrian Walker

    Managing Director

    Lesley Williams

    Outreach Director

    William Record

    Non-Executive Director

    Annie Browne

    Non-Executive Director

    Stephen Burt

    Non-Executive Financial Director


    2011 - ICE was born

    In 2011 the founding team of Gareth Jones, Mandy Weston, William and Anthony Record hosted a campfire chat to share plans of ICE. They had an empty building, stacks of drive and huge plans to change Wales for the good.

    Victoria Norman - Signum Health

    " Welsh ICE must be recognised for its contribution to not only the local economy but the wider economy. It must be recognised not only for its contribution to business but secondary impacts such as well-being. As a health company we know that there are so many determinants of health ....job, home, financial, education....I think you will find Welsh ICE is supporting change in a lot of these areas and this will have a massive impact on the individuals it serves. "

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