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For those who have ambitions to grow, to build a team, and to trade beyond borders, we have the Accelerator, run through the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

We have a programme of support that provides the backing to get moving in the most appropriate way:

Board Meetings

Once a month, you’re accountable to the board, comprising of peers, experts, and legends from the local start-up community.  We give you a chair, and a CxO, who will have industry expertise that is relevant to the growth and development of your business.


Once you and your chairperson have identified and agreed your key areas of focus we will set out a schedule of masterclasses and workshops, delivered by experts, to help you develop your knowledge and skills to hit the milestones set.

Peer support

You will be surrounded by other founders who share your ambition and are coming with their own expertise and insight.  This is all about collaboration, and healthy competition.  Others sharing their experience and working to help you all move forward.


We will create trade opportunities for you to reach new markets and test your concept with potential customers, where appropriate.


There will be countless opportunities to learn from experts who have been there and done it, and our CxOs and coaches will be matched to the problems and tasks that you have identified as being the biggest hurdles to progress.

Hit milestones that you set, with guidance from the experts – fundraising, prototyping, gaining customers, building the team, researching the market, testing the idea, developing a resilient business, exporting, structured in a way that you feel comfortable to lead and drive forward.


The programme will be delivered here at ICE, but you don’t need to be a full member to apply.  If you do apply, and want to become a full member, this will be considered as part of your application, and if you apply and are unable to commit to being based at ICE, your application will be considered to ensure you can commit enough time and energy to moving your project forward over the 16 weeks.


Fill out the form below to be considered.

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