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You may remember towards the end of last year, that ICE member Cosmic Anvil ran a successful kickstarter to raise money in order to release a printed volume of their first seven issues of Age of Revolution. This was designed to be both a treat for existing fans and an easy jumping-on point for new ones. And here it is in all its printed glory!

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How ridiculously amazing does it look? We spoke to creator Huw Williams, the writer of the series who told us that the book is a collation of the issues Age of Revolution have released so far including two extra issues, and some awesome extras including scripts and sketches. He also said:

Founder, Huw Williams

“We funded the book through Kickstarter and hit our target thanks to our existing fanbase, but what was even more surprising was the amount of funding that we received from our fellow ICE members and co-workers. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all, and that they should expect their rewards soon.”

For the uninitiated, Age of Revolution is a story set in a world in turmoil. A world populated by every weird and wonderful being you can imagine. A war between the forces of Science and Magic has been raging for generations. Hope, however, comes in the form of five talented individuals who have been brought together by the World’s Military to put an end to the conflict and unravel the mystery that surrounds it. You can find out more on the website.

This is an amazing step for the comic company and we can’t wait to get our hands on it already. Congratulations guys!