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In 2016 ICE took the risk of employing a nightclub manager to lead their growing community of entrepreneurs in Caerphilly. That person was me, and the personal and professional journey I have been on has been incredible. The support, mentorship and inspiration from our amazing community of entrepreneurs and our Directors has enabled me to significantly grow in confidence and ability, culminating two years ago in being appointed as CEO of ICE.

In what has been a tumultuous year we, as a community have stood strong, supported each other, and grown as we met every challenge. I have also grown personally; becoming a father during the peak of a pandemic has opened my eyes to the importance of making the most of every opportunity. Therefore, it is time for me to take on new challenges, and so at the end of August I will be leaving ICE to join TownSq as Community Director. This role will allow me to take all that I have learnt building this community in Caerphilly and apply it to their growing portfolio of spaces across the UK.

This has obviously not been an easy decision, but it comes from a good place. ICE and our amazing team has achieved great things over the years. We’ve won significant contracts allowing us to support stacks of entrepreneurs and we’ve grown and improved our Caerphilly Campus, but it’s time for me to help replicate this further afield.

ICE has got an amazing future and will be led by our incredible team moving forward. In Llinos, Lesley and Rachel, ICE has a world class management team which will lead the business from September onwards. They will be supported by Adrian Walker as MD and Anthony Record MBE as Chair. The fact that our management team is so strong has made this decision slightly easier.

In 2020 the business saw its biggest challenge yet. Covid meant we had to remodel the business to support people in lock down. The speed, enthusiasm and resilience of the ICE team and community to accept these changes and to come through stronger will stay with me forever.

The future for ICE is very exciting, and the growing team has great plans. With the usual unwavering support of Anthony Record and Adrian Walker I have no doubt they will meet and beat their objectives. So, I would like to thank Anthony and Will Record for their faith and trust in me and I’ve had great mentors over the years who I would also like to thank. Adrian Walker, Annie Brown, Simon Collins and stacks of other amazing people have listened to and encouraged me and my mad ideas over coffee.

Of course, I need to thank the ICE team. Huw, Rachel, Llinos, Lesley, Liv, Keiran, Pauline, Patrick, Gabby, Tom, Janine, Seren and Dan. Over the years they have all brought the very best version of themselves to ICE. They’ve challenged me and been enthusiastic and driven at all times. We’ve laughed until we’ve cried and, in the process, become great friends. I’ll never forget the lunch chats, crazy parties and lengths we went to for charity.

I’m so grateful to the wonderful people in the ICE community. Each of you genuinely inspires me. The sacrifices and commitments you have made over the years are mind-blowing, without you risk takers, there would be no ICE.


Thank you, eternally for everything. ICE is a truly special place. I’m so proud that I’ve been a part of the adventure.