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For ICE member and founder of Anaphase, Carly Thompsett, the last few months have been a bit of a roller coaster. In this guest blog, Carly tells us a bit about what she’s been getting up to.

So the last few months have been crazy hectic with publicity – obviously I’m always so so grateful when someone wants to feature me but I don’t know what to do with myself. In March Anaphase were shortlisted for a small business award with the regional awards – it was a fantastic experience even though we didn’t win.

In April, I was personally invited by Buckingham Palace to attend Prince Charles’s 70th birthday celebrations on May 22nd – Anaphase have created a t-shirt with ‘Nap King’ printed on the front for Prince Louis and some white handkerchiefs with an Anaphase A on for Prince Charles; lovingly printed by Weird Triangle.

I was featured in The News Portsmouth – which is where I am from so it was more to cover the fact I’m from there and trying to conquer the world and an update on last year when they featured me. I was also mentioned on Capital South Wales because of our invitation to Buckingham Palace.


May then started with a bang being interviewed on Radio Cardiff on the 1st, that was so exciting. I was interviewed for about 30 minutes on and off with music included and the presenter was so interested and it helped with my nerves!

I have been shortlisted for young entrepreneur of the year by South Wales Business Awards 2018 – this was a complete shock as I really didn’t think I’ve even have a chance.

I was then featured in Petersfield Post (village I grew up in) Hampshire for again being from the small village and making a future for myself. They mentioned my invitation; which the Petersfield post, Capital South Wales and Radio Cardiff have already booked me in to tell them all about my royal visit so the publicity hasn’t come to an end just yet.

Yesterday, I was featured in Cardiff Times due to my journey to get to where I am now. Being dyslexic and dysbraxic I struggled a lot with most things; I didn’t know I had either until I was 17 so all through school I was told I wouldn’t amount to much because I was just too stupid to take anything in.

I had pretty much given up on everything until my grandad passed away in 2013 and I wanted more for my life so I quit the job I had, packed up my things and moved up to Cardiff. I had never been here before or knew anyone was completely through myself in the deep end, it was then I found the Princes trust in 2015 where I created Anaphase.

I have had to fight a lot to get where I am and I feel like I’m not even at the top yet, so all this attention I have recently got has made me celebrate what I have achieved – my plan is to take over the world by 2019, so watch out!

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