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Remember the competition Help4Wales ran a few months ago? They asked people to send in photos of their pets as part of a week long competition for a project to support victims of domestic abuse.


And now- that project has launched. Animal Safe Haven supports victims of domestic abuse by temporarily caring for their pets and allowing them to access a refuge without fear of harm to their pets. Each pet is referred to Animal Safe Haven where they receive a full health check, vet treatment if required, and a fosterer to provide a temporary loving home.

Jemma Shepherd, Managing Director of Help4Wales, said:

“Estimates suggest that a quarter of women will experience domestic abuse and at least two women are killed each week. Family pets are often used to control and manipulate victims trapping in abusive relationships. We are looking for volunteers to register as Animal Safe Haven fosters to provide a loving and caring home for pets. Donations are also gratefully welcomed.”

Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can foster?
A. Anyone over the age of 18 can foster an animal if they are ableto offer a loving suitable home for a short period of time, who is committed to caring for an animal and can offer a safe clean environment.

Q. Why do we need animal foster carers?
A. Families and individuals who are fleeing domestic abuse can not access a refuge with their pets. Help4Wales want to offer a fostering scheme to help them and their pets improve their lives.

Q. What animals will need a foser, home?
A. Cats, dogs, small animals such as hamsters. rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles.

Q. How long is a foster placement?
A. This can be from 1 night emergency care up to 6 months while the families are found suitable accommodation.

Q. Who will support me?
A. You will have access to a dedicated support team who can answer your queries and will be at hand to help you when needed.

Q. What if my pet is unwell?
A.  All pets will be issued with an identification card which you can use to access any Budget Vet
centres. All treatments will be paid for by the Help4Wales Foundation.

Q. Do I have any expense to foster an animal?
A. All food, bedding and medical bills will be paid for by the Help4Wates Foundation.

To find out more, visit the new Help4Wales website here.

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