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ICE member, SEO specialist and all round legend Steve Morgan has written Anti-Sell, a book on marketing, lead generation and networking tips for freelancers who hate sales.

Anti-Sell is the sales guide for freelancers, small businesses owners and people in general who hate sales. Steve stresses that the main message of the book is that “the best way to sell is NOT to sell, hence its name: Anti-Sell.”



He continued:

“Sales isn’t something that a lot of people enjoy or feel comfortable doing – I personally don’t think I ever would’ve bought a sales book when I first started out as a freelancer, especially when you look at the types of books on offer (a book by the guy from The Wolf of Wall Street is currently #1 in the sales category on Amazon as I type this, to give you an example). I see myself as a freelancer, not a salesperson or a sales guru (yuck!), so it’s written from that perspective: detailing my story, my journey and my tactics on how I’ve done sales and networking and survived and made friends all along the way.”


Anti-Sell includes tips on the following:

  • Alternative ways of getting your name and your face out there,
  • How you can tie the sales process into your passions and your strengths
  • Getting you thinking differently about the types of events/communities to go to and get involved with
  • How being visible, altruistic and contributory within communities is an incredible way to be recognised as the go-to person in your field


And much more. Additionally, throughout the book there’s also ‘Anti-Sell Stories’: 8 case studies contributed by real-life freelancers, each of whom details how they’ve fought the fight with sales (and won).


Steve Morgan


The book has been a year in the making and was produced with the help of fellow ICE members Emily Hicks and Jane Oriel.

Steve said:

“I’ve been a blogger for a long time, and while I never thought I’d write a book, I had the idea for Anti-Sell a year or so ago and it made sense. I (slowly) wrote it during the latter half of 2018 whenever I had time, and then for the last few months I’ve been getting it all sorted to purchase from Amazon, Audible, the iTunes Store, etc. I utilised the ICE community for a lot of that stuff: Jane Oriel edited it, Emily Hicks of Studio Hicks designed the cover, and Bengo Media – who have run GRIT sessions at ICE – helped me to record the audiobook version, which I self-narrated. A number of other ICE members gave me tips and advice as well. As a thank you to the ICE community, I offered everyone at ICE a free PDF copy, which led to some lovely feedback early on.”


For more info on the book or where to buy, check out the SEOno website here.