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Here at ICE, we believe everyone is unique and as an extension of that.. so is their desk! We’ve decided to showcase one members desk each week to highlight both the differences and similarities that make ICE such a diverse place to work!

ICE member & company details

Becky Smith, Nudjed.

What do you do?

I’m the Content Marketing Assistant – I run all of our social media, write the newsletter, publish blog articles, and help out with PR and events. I also do some editing, a bit of graphic design and general copywriting.

Which room are you in?

We have our own little Nudjed office!

What’s the current status of your desk? Is it neat & tidy or ‘organised chaos’?

You can’t prove I tidied it just for the photo…

Mac or PC?

MacBook Pro.

What other hardware do you use?

We back everything up on Time Machine external hard drives, and we have an extremely temperamental office printer.

What software do you use?

We use loads of tools as a team –
Pipedrive for sales
Trello for sprints and planning
Slack for team discussion
Wunderlist or Momentum for to-do lists
Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for graphics stuff
Niice for design
Google Drive for storing and sharing documents.

Personally, I use Tweetdeck, Edgar, Mailchimp, VCB, RiteTag and Buffer to make my job easier!

What’s your drink of choice while working?

We always have jugs of water in the office, but I’ve got a bit more of a sweet tooth so I like sparkling water flavoured with fruit.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

We have an office Spotify playlist, but it depends who’s in charge that day! When I have control of the speakers there’s a lot of hip hop, soul, and as much pop punk as I can get away with. We’ve also been listening to the whole of R Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’ lately.

What personal/professional keepsakes do you keep on your desk?

I have a strip of photos from Clwb Ifor Bach and a stack of books (Collingwood’s ‘The Principles of Art’, and ‘Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box’ at the moment – I’m still in uni!), but that’s about it. Unless you count my secret stash of hairclips, nail files, and lip balms…

What about toys or fun stuff?

The team has such a weird sense of humour that we sort of make our own entertainment. Last week we replaced one of the developers with a tangerine that had a face drawn on it for a little while; tech-based humour is also very popular. The number of completely ridiculous in-jokes is crazy – I don’t think any of them would make sense if I tried to explain them though!

What’s your favourite thing about your desk?

I’m right in the middle of everything, so whenever I need help I just annoy everyone until it’s sorted. It’s pretty sweet.