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“If Elvis is alive, he wears a mask and goes by the name ORION”

In an exciting new project, one of our members, Truth Department are co-producing Orion the movie – the rise and fall of the mystery masked man with the voice of a legend.

Bursting with intrigue and distinction, this enigmatic documentary tells the story of Jimmy “Orion” Ellis, the man who mystifyingly appeared out of nowhere embodying the legend that is Elvis Presley just months after his death. Sharing the story which quickly became a cult success, the production explores the life and perception of Orion and the developing myth of Elvis’ reincarnation.

With extensive marketing (check out the Orion mask Twitter selfies!) the Orion team have successfully reached their target sponsorship and are now able to finish the long-awaited production of the “man who would be king”. We are proud to support Truth Department and their involvement within the project and can’t wait to see the finished product.


See what all the Hype is about here.