Welsh ICE launches Boma Camp

Welsh ICE launches Boma Camp

3rd January 2017

Gareth Jones

It’s time for a change

Since 2011, we have worked night and day to create a campus for businesses in Wales who work night and day on things that matter to them. We’ve brought hundreds of people here, but that isn’t good enough.

There are talented people across the UK who dream about starting something, but can’t escape work/kids/life for long enough to make progress. People who could be doing really beautiful things, that we would all benefit from.

So we’re launching a new online platform in January 2017 for those people, called Boma Camp.

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Flexible, part-time learning

The 5-9 Club on Boma is a 12-week process to take your ideas from one day to day one.

Over the course of the 12 weeks, we’re bringing you brilliant speakers to share their experience in an honest and straightforward way, to help you ask the right questions about your business and its potential.

We have spent months interviewing entrepreneurs who have survived the rocky early days and want to offer their knowledge to ensure that others are better prepared when they face the same hurdles.

There’s also a neat community tool, which connects you with like-minded people who are dealing with similar challenges to you, who can bring their own unique skills and qualities from their careers to date.

On top of this, we have created a fun way to learn about complicated topics like raising investment, registering your business, and building culture as you grow your team.

Throughout the week, we will bring content to you during the evenings from experts and entrepreneurs who have been there and done it.

5pm – Read

Interviews with entrepreneurs

that inspire, and practical

knowledge to inform

7pm – Learn

Bite-size workshops to learn

what you need to know to ask

the right questions

9pm – Talk

Insight from experts and

peers, on everything from

accounting to personal growth

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to develop your business idea with only 50 places available for the first cohort.


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