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ICE member Bomper Studio have a lot going on at the moment and a lot more to come. This week they’re finally able to show off some of the work they’ve been doing as the projects go live on websites.

Last year, their Bertie Bassett character redesign was featured on the Maxon website (the people who MAKE the 3D software that Bomper uses) and other work is being featured on the front page of Creative Pool and The-Dots.

Bomper is a boutique CGI and Design studio specialising in photorealistic 3D visualisation and animations for digital and print. The team consists of creative director Emlyn Davies, Studio Manager (and waistcoat wearer extraordinaire) Lewis Williams, Cinema 4d artist Pablo Parry, Concept & Storyboard artist Josh Hicks and Video & Audio guru Owain Hopkins.

Bomper have worked with a range of businesses including Cadbury, Colgate and Mothercare. You can check out their AMAZING show reel here. Or just enjoy their cheeky mascot strutting his stuff below! | @bomperstudio | [email protected]

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