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ICE member Bomper Studio have won the People’s Choice Best of 3D award at the Creativepool 2016 Annual! The award displays the use of computer-generated imagery to innovatively represent any three-dimensional surface of any object, being, effect, or environment via specialised software whether the selected work is moving image or a still.


For their entry, Bomper put forward their 99frames project, a spin on an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. Inspired by Coca Cola’s ‘I’ve Kissed Marilyn’ ads, they used the project as an exercise in blending expressive character design and vintage iconography with hyper-real lighting and materials.

Everything was modelled, sculpted and animated in Cinema4D, with the final output being delivered using After Effects. And the end result looks pretty awesome!



The 3D & CGI specialists have been super busy recently, working on a brilliant animation for the metro system that will transform the way we travel around the Cardiff Capital Region and some pretty awesome CGI football boots for the new Carlsberg Export Euro 2016 packaging!

Congratulations, Emlyn and the team!