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At ICE, our main priority is making sure we provide an awesome, collaborative environment for our members in which gives them room to grow and expand.

This is exactly what happened for Caerphilly Observer as they now celebrate their recruitment success by moving in to their swanky new office! Last month we congratulated the guys for hitting the big first year in print as well as receiving a letter from her majesty the Queen herself thanking them for sending a copy of the paper (ooo, er!).

Originally a one man band, editor and publisher Richard Gurner decided to set up, a website covering Caerphilly County Borough local news in 2009 which later developed into a full-time business.  Since 2011 Caerphilly Observer has been providing Caerphilly County Borough with local news and information and continues to get thousands of hits on the website and persistent expansion of their print reach. Due to this success, they have now been able to employ a full time graduate journalist and sales representative to help them on the way to establishing the ‘dream team’.

ICE now has a regular feature in the Observer every fortnight profiling some of the awesome start-ups we’re supporting. We’re psyched to be celebrating this move with the Caerphilly Observer team and proud to call them an ICE member!

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