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At our ICE Awards a couple of weeks ago, it came as little surprise to anyone when Steve Morgan of Morgan Online Marketing fame was named Caffeine Addict of ICE. I mean… look at that face.


We managed to pin the coffee fiend down long enough for him to answer some questions for us!

What does Morgan Online Marketing do?seono-logo-200
With Morgan Online Marketing ( I offer freelance SEO (search engine optimisation) consultancy services, so I help businesses improve their website’s visibility in Google, leading to more traffic and therefore more enquiries and sales. It’s been an exciting few years, with recent clients including Investec Asset Management, Cardiff University and Target Group. I also recently started an SEO meetup: Cardiff SEO Meet. And I blog: SEOno

Have you always wanted to run your own business?
Not particularly – but when I did start MOM, the timing was right. I wasn’t happy in employment, and more and more people were asking me to freelance, so it was quite a comfortable move in the end. I love it though – I don’t think I’ll ever go back into employment. My parents were a massive inspiration as well, as they run multiple businesses including a recruitment agency, Spanish holiday rentals, and an eBay business selling porcelain figurines (talk about niche!).

Do you agree with being named the Caffeine Addict of ICE?
Unfortunately, yes. I think I would’ve been surprised (even annoyed) if someone else had won it, haha! It’s usually me making pots of coffee and harping on about coffee, so it makes sense!

How much caffeine do you have on a daily basis? Is it just coffee?
Three cups per day usually – and yes, just coffee. Not a big fan of soft drinks or energy drinks, and I don’t drink tea.

What’s your favourite?Kaffeefilter
I like filter coffee, but if I’m out-and-about then it’ll usually be a flat white.

Do you have a strict coffee schedule that you need to keep to?
Yes, sadly. Usually two in the morning and one in the afternoon.

How functional would you be without coffee? Would the SEO world burn around us if we had an ICE shortage?
Yes it would – just ask Nic. There’s been a few times we’ve run out of the filter coffee temporarily at ICE and I’ve just wanted to cry. I sometimes resort to granules, but those are very dark times indeed…

Any final words?
All I’ll say is that it could be worse… I knew a business owner with a small team (maybe 3-4 employees) who used to spend over £1,000 per MONTH in Starbucks. That’s a lot of coffee. He was constantly hyper and I’m pretty sure he used to drink in the region of about a dozen espressos per day.
So y’know, you think I’m bad…