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As an ICE member, we are spoilt by lots of community gatherings/parties. The latest being The ICE Summer Party which despite the typical Welsh weather, featured a gazebo, BBQ and bar as the Greg and the girls at Calon served up a feast. The highlight of the night was the unveiling of the ICE awards, specifically the prestigious ICE member of the year award which every ICE member secretly voted for prior to the party. It came as a huge shock to learn that we, Wize Virtual Admin, seized the crown and were officially given the ICE Member of the year title.

Wize has supported ICE since the very beginning, firstly by managing their reception and administrative duties, secondly by being one of their very first members and thirdly through our MD, Mandy, acting as a co-director. But more importantly, Wize continues to support ICE as part of their awesome community which is continually thriving. 

Check out the Wize website to find out why they’re our member of the year!