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Welsh ICE are going to re-purpose one of our buildings into the ultimate canine coworking space.

Here at Welsh ICE, it’s always been our goal to have a good mix of people from all backgrounds and species but we think the time has to come to accept that maybe dogs would be more productive without all the pesky humans about.


Frankfurter IX from GreenNova

Humans are very needy and constantly need to be looked after and supported, not leaving dogs much time to pursue their startup dreams. This new state of the art coworking space will give dogs the space and time away from their humans they need to really make an impact on the Welsh canine-economy. Plus, it’s a good chance for them to be allowed to unwind and have some ‘dog-time’.


Rocket & Gus from Big Lemon


Worried about leaving your human alone for too long? Don’t worry, humans will still be allowed on campus in our current coworking spaces so will be available for walks and attention throughout the day. *Dogs are of course still welcome across the whole campus as they are generally much less disruptive than humans.



We expect the new coworking space to be up and running soon. Accepting applications from 1st of April.