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Welsh mental health charity My Discombobulated Brain has been awarded a year-long start-up placement here at Welsh ICE through the ICE 50 programme.

The charity aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health by offering support and education to those affected by such issues.

ICE 50 is designed to give start-up businesses a structured route to sustainability, creating jobs and boosting the Welsh economy. As part of the charity’s funding it will receive a full-time desk, a tailored mentoring programme, access to creative workshops, full telephone and high-speed internet access and one-to-one support for 12 months.

My Discombobulated Brain is the only charity to be awarded funding in this year’s intake. CEO, Gareth Jones said he felt the charity has a bright future;

“The way that Laura has taken the pain of her past experiences to help ensure that others don’t feel so isolated is incredibly powerful. I am always reminded when I speak with Laura how much impact the power of one individual can make.”


discombobulated brain


Founder of the charity, Laura Dernie said:

“As a young charity, we are extremely excited by this opportunity provided by the ICE 50. Directly or indirectly, mental health will affect every one of us at some time in our lives, yet it is still regarded as a taboo subject by many. We want everyone to know that it’s ok to talk about mental health and that it’s a case of being sick, not sad. Your brain is as susceptible to illness as any other part of your body and acceptance is one of the first steps to getting people the help they need.”


Everyone will know someone who suffers from a mental health condition, ranging from depression and bipolar to body dysmorphia and anorexia. These conditions can certainly be life-threatening, with depression being the number one killer of men under the age of 40.

Despite increased media exposure in recent years, the understanding and acceptance of issues surrounding mental health are languishing 40 years behind the likes of cancer research. My Discombobulated Brain uses education to break down these barriers by working with schools, colleges and universities to signpost to the relevant support through their website.

My Discombobulated Brain only uses real people’s stories and facts and are in the process of collating their own statistics to use in their work by asking people to fill in an online form.

Welcome to the ICE family, Laura and My Discombobulated Brain!