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ICE member GoConnect are looking to fill as many shoe boxes as possible with lots of dog goodies to help make dogs without a home feel a little less lonely this Christmas.

Ideal things to include are:

Robust chew toys (such as kongs, nylabones, tuff toys etc), tennis balls, hard rubber balls, small footballs, dog treats (bought and / or homemade), antler chews, fleece blankets, collars, leads, harnesses, dog coats, plaited pull toys.




*Please do not include:
Cooked or Raw bones, plush or baby toys (may have unsafe fillings or parts), squeaky toys, supplements, medications

If you would like to help out, then please keep checking their Facebook page for more info on our drop-off points or even better – help arrange a designated drop-off location in your workplace or hometown.

For more information, contact Alun on [email protected]

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