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They said we were barking but from the moment we opened our doors to entrepreneurs in 2012, we’ve been welcoming our four legged friends as well. We believe that a dog friendly environment can have a hugely positive impact on your stress levels, your productivity and your health… and so do our members:

“We often work with young people and community groups and having an office dog really does help break down the barriers. It breaks the ice and helps them engage with us more effectively which is something that wouldn’t happen in other organisations.”
-Alun Prosser, GoConnect


Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons we think having dogs in the workplace is the best thing ever.

1. They keep you active!


Rocket & Gus, Big Lemon Creative


“As business owners it can get quite difficult to physically get away from your desk, and even take a lunch break at all. Bringing our dogs in means we’re forced to get out now and again. The miles and miles of fields right behind ICE are perfect for tiring out two energetic labradors.”
-Owen Richards, Big Lemon Creative


Your dogs may be content for a while to lounge around under your desk but sooner or later they’re gonna need that walk. Having a dog-friendly office gives you an excuse to take a break from the computer screen, get out of the office and take in some fresh air. On average, office workers spend more than seven hours sat at a desk so taking regular breaks to walk your pooch could be just what the doctor ordered.

2. They reduce stress through making a happier environment


Molly, Seren Fire & Security Solutions


Studies have shown that interaction with animals can reduce stress in humans by up to a third and when playing with a dog, pet owners are likely to release oxytocin, the ‘love hormone’.

“It’s pretty cool being able to bring Fenn into work – it takes away the stress and anxiety of leaving her home alone and it feels like she’s part of the team. Everyone knows her and lots of people stop by to give her a fuss which is something I love as you can see it helps put a smile on their face.”
-Alun Prosser, GoConnect

3. They connect people



“Lionel’s a great talking point and an icebreaker! He’s been the starting point of many conversations with fellow members… although of course I’m put out that people are more interested in Lionel than me!”
-Rebecca Lees, Chatterbox Comms


Having dogs in the workplace doesn’t just make you happy… it makes other people happy too! Nothing connects people faster than cooing over an adorable pooch together which will improve your social and working relationships and may even lead to some great collaborative opportunities.

4. Pets aren’t left alone


“Millie is my little munchkin. I love bringing her in to work so she is by my side not home alone as she loves company.”
-Jemma Shepherd, Help4Wales


Lionel, Chatterbox Comms


“As a rescue dog, Lionel’s a sensitive soul with a few issues! Former racers tend not to fare well if left alone for more than four hours or so, so being able to bring him to work makes his life and mine much easier and happier.”-Rebecca Lees, Chatterbox Comms

It can be heart wrenching leaving your pet home alone, especially if you work long hours. A recent report stated that one in four of Britain’s eight million pet dogs are said to be suffering from depression caused by the stress of being left alone by busy owners. Bringing your dog into work will keep you and your dog happy.

5. Improved work-life balance


Maximus, Profit Sourcery & Fenn, GoConnect


“It offers me the perfect balance where I can concentrate on our projects yet take time out when needed to walk Fenn in the beautiful Caerphilly countryside that’s right on our doorstep – this helps reduce stress and allows me to work long hours if need be, knowing that Fenn dog is happily snoring away by my feet.”
-Alun Prosser, GoConnect


All of these points add up to a better work-life balance. Being able to bring your dog to work means you’re not distracted worrying about your pet all day (especially if they’re an only dog or a puppy) which also means you’re not in a rush to get home, which is handy if you’ve got a big deadline looming.

Millie, Help4Wales

Tommy, One Eyed Cat

So bringing your dog to work will equal a healthier, happier, more productive you. Is it any wonder that that our ICE members are so awesome?

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