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Now that our first collaboration with Admiral has come to an end, we wanted to share a bit about the programme that has been nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of ambitious women in the areas surrounding Admiral HQ, (and the results have been pretty inspiring!)

Aiming to Bridge the Gender Gap: A Game-Changing Program

At Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

It’s no secret that the gender gap in entrepreneurship has been a persistent issue. With only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs being women, we knew that something needed to change. That’s why the Admiral 5-9 Club was born, a 9-week business start-up accelerator program designed to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs and transform their innovative ideas into successful ventures.

A Strong Foundation: Collaborating for Success

At Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

The idea took root to celebrate an important occasion – Admiral’s 30 years in business, now being led by remarkable women. Welsh ICE and Admiral joined forces, recognising the need for a supportive and nurturing environment that could foster growth and success for female entrepreneurs in our community.

Empowering the Future: The Journey of the 5-9 Club

ICE CEO, Lesley Williams delivering a workshop at Ty Admiral, Cardiff.

Over 9 weeks, our team, supported by funding from Admiral, worked tirelessly to provide a platform that was more than just a program. It was a journey of discovery, connection, and empowerment. We linked participants with local experts, mentors, and business support services, enabling them to access a wide range of resources.

A Holistic Approach: Building Skills and Confidence

ICE Academy Manager, Tom Phillips & ICE CEO, Lesley Williams at Ty Admiral, Cardiff.

The Admiral 5-9 Club delivered diverse workshops and masterclasses on key topics like Idea Generation, Branding & Marketing Strategy, Web Development, Sales, and Funding. However, it wasn’t just about the knowledge. A running theme throughout each session was to instil confidence and self-belief in our participants, ensuring they felt empowered to take their ideas forward.

Celebrating Success: Where Dreams Became Reality

Pitch Night at Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

Week 9 marked a momentous occasion – our Celebration Event. This was the time for our talented cohort to shine, exhibit their business ideas, and pitch them to a panel of experts and a supportive audience. The room was abuzz with creativity and excitement as our entrepreneurs showcased their ventures.

Inspiring Collaborations: Sparking Connections that Last

Ethel Wynard-Nadzo & Andree Griffiths Pitching at Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

One of the most rewarding outcomes of the Admiral 5-9 Club was the spirit of collaboration it ignited. Connections were made, and partnerships were formed. We’ve already seen amazing collaborations such as Ella Watts speaking for Impacting The Young, Andree Griffiths and Ethel Wynard-Nadzo co-authoring a book, Rebecca Jones exhibiting at the Fierce Femmes Summer Party, and Cassey Morrissey becoming a model for Whisper Bridal Boutique.

A Flourishing Impact: Empowering the Local Economy

The 5-9 cohort at Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

The ripple effect of these new businesses is being felt throughout the local economy. Thirteen ventures have already taken flight, creating a positive impact on the community. Local venues, photographers, and production companies have also experienced the benefits of paid work.

A Bright Future: Looking Ahead

Admiral CEO, Cristina Nestares, Welsh ICE CEO, Lesley Williams & Admiral CSR Manager, Danielle Jones at Ty Admiral, Cardiff. 13th July 2023

The success of the Admiral 5-9 Club fills us with immense pride, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our inspiring participants. Their passion, dedication, and unwavering determination have shown us the boundless potential of female entrepreneurs in our community. As we move forward, Welsh ICE and Admiral are committed to continuing our support and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit that will shape the future of our economy.

We thank all our participants, mentors, partners, and the Welsh ICE community for making the Admiral 5-9 Club a resounding success. If this initiative inspires you and you would like to be a part of our thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, stay tuned for future programs, workshops, and events. Together, let’s build a community where innovation, collaboration, and success know no bounds.

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If you’re interested in learning about upcoming training opportunities, email [email protected].