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FourMinutes is one of two ICE members shortlisted at [email protected] and they need your support!

Four Minutes is an emergency first aid training company that uses mixed reality technology to empower people worldwide to step up in an emergency. They have combined AI technology and custom sensors to deliver an immersive experience of CPR training and save lives.


[email protected] was founded by The Duke of York in 2014 to support entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas. [email protected] does this by connecting some of the most innovative start-up business in the country with potential investors and supporters, including angels, mentors and key business contacts.

The [email protected] People’s Choice Award gives you the opportunity to discover the leading Entrepreneurs across a wide variety of Tech industries and vote for the Entrepreneurs you believe in. These startups are tackling problems that impact daily life and they need your support to be able to succeed in resolving these issues.

Co-founder Fotini Teneketzi said:

“This might be controversial but current first aid methods are ineffective. There are simply not enough people trained to step up in an emergency and save someone with a few critical life saving skills. Our technology will change this.

If you vote for us you can feel proud that you’re helping save lives. We plan to transform the way emergency first aid is delivered worldwide.”

Voting closes on the 9th of November. Vote for Four Minutes!

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