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A guest blog from ICE member, Jacqui Pulford of CopyThat!

Life has been turned on its head for two of ICE’s newest members this year after an amazingly fateful visit to Caerphilly.

The Tekeez team – Stuart Bryant and Richard Hillsdon – ended up moving to Wales, buying their first home and relocating their technical support business in a staggering 12 weeks!

The awesome pair have already gotten themselves known for their willingness to help others – and for being the generous suppliers of muffins and dog biscuits at their office in the Octagon!

Their love affair with Wales in general and Caerphilly in particular, has lasted years but they decided to take the bold step to move to the borough during a visit to celebrate Stuart’s birthday in July.

Although it’s probably their former landlord they can thank for unwittingly helping them make their sudden life-changing decision, which was sparked when he warned he was going to slap them with a £600-a-month rent rise!

From tourists to residents

Richard and Stuart came to Caerphilly ready to relax and sightsee, but found themselves looking in estate agents windows. Before they knew it they had sorted out their mortgage and were looking around ICE!

Speaking of their first visit to ICE Richard said: “When we came here the office was still a shell. Mandy showed us the full-sized office and it cost much less than we expected.

“With the mortgage and rent here, and all the bills, it would cost us the same as just the rent we were paying in Oxford.”

But it was more than money that led to their decision to move. They have been knocked out by the warmth of everyone they have met, both at ICE and in Caerphilly.

“We thought people were really nice and that it was because we were on holiday, but everyone has bent over backwards to help us,” said Richard.

“ICE has been so friendly and helpful,” said Stuart. “In Oxford, at places like this, it’s all business, business, business, but here it is more of a community. At other places there is an agenda. Here, people seem to go out of their way to get to know you.”

So what is Tekeez all about?

Richard set up the company over 30 years ago, Stuart joined him 15 later and in 2014 they rebranded it. It’s USP is to make technical support more user-friendly and less scary.

“We’re here to make your life easy – we’re people-orientated,” said Richard. “There are no long contracts and you can stop when you want.

“There’s also no jargon, we’re just friendly, straightforward and to the point. We also offer our services remotely and onsite.”

Richard and Stuart still run their business in Oxford, where they have an employee keeping things going and will be looking for staff here in the future.


Phone: 0333 023 0001