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Health Cloud‘s year has gotten off to an exciting start this January as they sign a 24 month contract with Icelandic company, True West Fjords. Health Cloud will have the sole rights to their brand in the UK and will be wholeselling it to health shops around the country. Its a real milestone for company, and will give them a chance to make a very significant mark on the UK health industry.dropi2

Their product is quite unique in the cod liver oil market because their processing facility is right on the docks of where they fish for cod. This is particularly important because they are in charge of the whole process (where as other manufacturers buy bulk cod liver form all over the world). This also means that they use the cods as fresh as possible, providing one of the freshest products!

Their manufacturing process is very impressive too. As they fish their cod in the Icelandic waters there is no risk of pollutants. This means they can do away with the harmful chemical cleansing that most cod liver oil manufacturers have to do, and simply grind the livers, and filter off the oil. This means that all the vitamins are in their natural form, and the important omega-3 fatty acids are not damaged or chemically altered. The resulting product is a natural, sustainable and nutritious cod liver oil.

Health Cloud first started speaking with the manufacturers in October about what they could do for them in the UK.

They are currently selling 400 units a month of a comparable product which is already established in the UK.

craig-elding-300x300Co-founder Craig Elding said:

“We are hoping over the terms of the contract to reach a similar volume of Dropi sales in the UK, which will not only provide us with more working capital for further projects, but also demonstrate our ability to introduce a brand to the UK and manage a distribution contract effectively. This will make us an appealing route to the UK for other brands which match our ethics in the same way that Dropi has, which can further solidify our position in the UK health market.”

Health Cloud already have interest from a number of health food shops throughout the UK who would like to wholesale from them, and their own sales of the product are performing better than they had expected. You can view these products on the webstore.