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Huw Williams

Site & Sales Coordinator

Huw Williams is the Site & Sales Coordinator for Welsh ICE. He looks after the physical space, making sure all the facilities are ticking over and the space looks amazing.

He’s also the main point of contact if you are interested in renting a private office here at Welsh ICE. He is more than happy to show you the facilities and spaces, selling the dream of Welsh ICE.

Huw has been at ICE pretty much from the start, joining the team in 2012. If you have any questions about ICE and its member’s past and present, ask Huw.

Don’t let Huw’s all business exterior fool you, he’s actually a massive nerd. A fan of film, comic books, anime, and a member of too many D&D groups, he’s the best person to go to when you need to know your Transformers from your Gundams, Gokus from your Supermen, and your d20s from your Godzillas

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