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Our second #ICEAdvent charity is one that is extremely close to our Chief of Operations, Mandy’s, heart. A breast cancer survivor of 13 years, Mandy is now the patient representative of the Breast Centre, a Charity based at Llandough.

the breast centreThe centre opened in 2010 and provides dedicated space for all patients with any kind of breast problems giving them access to a fantastic team of dedicated doctors, nurses and surgeons all in one place meaning they can provide a totally integrated service for patients.
Breast Cancer affects 1 in 9 women. Whether it’s your mother, sister, grandmother, friend or just someone you know, The Breast Centre believe they deserve the very best treatment in the very best surroundings.

The Breast Centre feels lucky to have had the agreement of Julien Macdonald to be their patron as he has provided tremendous support to them and helped with fundraising.


Fashion designer, Julien Macdonald


Julien said:


“Most of us will know someone who has had Breast Cancer, whether it’s your mother, sister, friend or simply someone you know, the disease can have devastating effects and that’s why I really wanted to get involved and help support a centre which is making a real difference to patients.”


Every week is very busy at the breast centre, they see between 80 and 90 new patients each week alongside about 60 patients for their imaging appointments for follow ups once they’ve successfully completed their treatment. The Breast Centre nurses then carry on seeing them for 10 years for specialist biopsy procedures, new underwear fittings, swimwear or prosthesis as well as additional services such as nipple tattoos for women with reconstructions. Patients also have access to complimentary therapy sessions which they find very helpful.


Breast Centre Fundraisers


The charity fundraising has really been very successful, three years ago the Breast Centre completed the additional extension to the first floor of the Breast Centre which has given them more space for training and teaching to ensure everyone stays up to date with the best practices. This additional space enables them to provide an enhanced service, those additional things that you wouldn’t usually get on the NHS, such as complimentary sessions and fitness and well-being sessions which is so important in order to help people through the time of their treatment and keep them fit and healthy for the long term as well.

These sessions are very well received and a major help when they’re going through a difficult time. The Breast Care nurses are a tremendous group, they’re so supportive and are there for the patients all the way through their treatment and after it as well, whenever the patients need it, the nurses can be found on the other end of the phone.

To raise money there have been fun runs, half marathons and full marathons which of the staff have been involved in as well. In addition to this, Wize VA run two annual events for us, Strictly Top Dancer an event whereupon members of the business community get partnered up with professional dancers to compete and raise money plus a Pink Tie Gala Ball every winter.


Strictly Top Dancer stars of 2016


Doctor Phillipa Young said:

“We are so appreciative of all the money that’s raised for us because it really does help us to keep promoting our services and continue to give our patients the best that we can possibly provide. The charity has been raised in excess of £250,000 and we need that continued support. We’re always looking for additional ways to enhance what we provide for our patients and the charity fundraising really helps us to provide that.”


The Breast Centre Pink Tie Gala Ball is TONIGHT at the Marriott Hotel in Cardiff. You can follow the action on twitter for updates and check out the below video for more information.

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