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Josh Hicks of Bomper Studio has created an A5 40+ page compilation of the short comics he has produced over the last few years.


‘Human Garbage’ collects eight stories covering work previously self-published and strips penned for Off Life and Dirty Rotten Comics, with many strips re-coloured and re-packaged exclusively for the collection along with brand new strips. Josh said:

“I’m proud of most of it. I’ve remastered it all and coloured all the strips that were originally in black and white, so it’s a true PREMIUM EXPERIENCE.”


Along with painfully honest observations in the stories Body Conscious and Club, there are also satirical, witty magical realist strips Waste and Wake Up, and a pulpy detective throwback story, The Case of the Black Cat. This collection is a landmark work from a major new voice in British comics and a Broken Frontier Six to Watch artist.

“An accessible and expressive cartooning style and a richly fertile comedic imagination marked Hicks out to me as someone to keep a watchful eye on.’”
– Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier


The comic will debut at ELCAF on Saturday 17th June. You can pre-order the collection here. And view more of Josh’s work at his website.

Any ICE members who pre-order the comic will also get an exclusive picture of Captain Gareth drawn inside. Get ordering, folks!


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