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Last Monday our very own Wizard (Huw Williams) launched his very own YouTube channel. For about a year he and three of his friends, one of which is Keiran Russell (of SnowSpire) have been working on Life Each – a show where three gamers take on a game they have never played before with just one life each, the player to get the furthest/scores the most points wins that episode. The show then embarks on a rolling tournament where each week the guys take on a new game, points are awarded for their position and the first to one hundred wins the season.


Huw and his friends Aaran O’Keeffe and Sam O’Hara have always been interested in making a YouTube show based around video games, when they discovered this shared interest they decided to put their heads together. The guys have always had an interest in video production and video games, so doing something around video games was a must. The problem they faced, said Huw, was doing something different from everyone else – that was when the concept of Life Each was born, a ‘Let’s Play’ with a twist.

Huw said that the idea for the show came from when he and Aaran used to play video games with each other as children. The two were (still are) heavily into games that didn’t tend to have much in terms of multiplayer, so they would take a life each swapping over when one would fail a mission or die in action, this activity transformed from “Do you want to do a Life Each on Spyro 3?” to just “Life Each?” Taking this concept and making it competitive was the goal of Life Each, a Let’s Play style show with a competitive edge to add something different to the genre that is already on YouTube.


The boys have been filming in secret until they had a library of episodes to showcase on launch. “Filming a batch of episodes worked out well for us” Huw explains “this gave us the chance to record and review to improve on later episodes, as you may notice around episode three or four we suddenly have better lighting and in around episode seven we are able to play slightly more modern games. This all came from the small improvements we have been making throughout recording.”

The launch was on Monday 29th of August, they put up their first six episodes in one go to appeal to the audiences who are used to binge watching episode after episode of shows in one go on Netflix. This also gives them six chances to impress their potential viewers. The guys are happy with what they have created so far, and really enjoy creating each episode. Huw says that Life Each is serving as a fun side project for now, but you never know what could happen with ventures like these.

You can check out the first episode here!

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