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Lockdown and Covid has been the biggest, most unprecedented challenge I have seen since working with small businesses and startups. Members of our community of small businesses have had to deal with orders grinding to a halt, closure of premises and huge amounts of market uncertainty.

But amongst this pain and difficulty, I have seen huge amounts of resilience, flexibility and positivity. Many of the businesses we worked with found new ways of working, new skills or simply hunkered down and kept things going. This, for me, is pure innovation.

As part of our weekly ‘Tuesday topic’ we asked our members to share “What have you done differently during lockdown that you will keep doing post lockdown?”, some of the responses were incredible and I’d like to share some of them with you.

A number of members picked up new skills, hobbies and pastimes.

“Started DMing a D&D group back in April. Absolutely loving it.

“Learned about cameras, video editing and creating online content!”

“I’ve also mastered the art of the roast potato. I’ll tell you my secrets redacted

A number of our community used the time to create new, routines or ways of working. It was interesting to see that so many people took on new, positive routines and a new focus on well being.

“I moved my office into my attic and turns out I can work from home and love having a space to spread out ..
I also spend much more time with my kid. It might sound simple and obvious but it’s a big deal for me to have the energy to keep up with him.”
“breakfast! Always used to skip it until later in the day or completely!”
“Take small breaks throughout the day away from my computer and screens so when I am at the screen I’m WAY more focused and productive!”
“more exercise so that my body is tired at night for better sleep!”
“3pm stroop waffle and earl grey break!”


A theme that stood out was peoples attitude to time, realising how precious it is.

“The value of booking in a meeting with someone. Before lockdown, I’d much prefer off the cuff chats about stuff, but now I see the booking a meeting, having an agenda and setting actions even if it’s for a relatively small thing”

“I have realised that time to yourself is MUCH more important than I ever gave credence to. So, I now have stricter working hours and less flexible time off. Which sounds negative but basically means I’ll be less willing to give up a day off for a job to have in lieu. Some days off will be days off!!”

Overwhelmingly, members have had a positive outlook on life and business.

“I started working with a writing coach to keep me motivated and accountable with my writing. Defo keeping that up, as much as I love to write it ends up being the lowest priority after kids, house, work, business etc.”


“Kinda cliche but life is way too short. I want to put a lot of effort into my business after working for several places that haven’t appreciated me or my work. I’m working 15 hour days at the moment to get it up and running but once I’m free to go at this alone then I can be proud and happy and will be appreciative of all my hard work”


“the big thing that C19 & lockdown has done for me was to allow me focus upon completing one of my many goals. Taking daily action towards your goal is vital for results and sometimes the best action is recharging so you can go again.”
“Create a forcefield around it and protect it. It’s so easy to get swallowed up by the impending doom and negative news all day every day( some of it is important of course) but I’ve learned to focus on my sphere of influence and what I am in control of. I can’t control the lockdown, Mr BJ, a second wave, whatever comes along but I can control how I react and behave towards it. Control you mind and your actions, back your new ideas with confidence and action and come out of it smiling ready to crack on. I will certainly be keeping going and keeping the positive mindset with the belief that all storms pass and when it does, I’m there to grow myself and my business
So, what have you learnt or decided to change during this pandemic? What will you differently or change moving forward? Let me know on twitter @JamieWelshICE