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How will we communicate?

No speaking to anyone when they are sat at their desk. Comms will be via a virtual ‘mirror’ co-working space in the NeuDICE Discord server.

This includes when you walk into the space. The only exception is that you can approach Zed when you arrive if you aren’t sure about anything (Zed is the executive duck wearing dark shades – Zed belongs to the person who arranged the Meet The Duck day). If you want to say hi to people when you arrive – that’s what the Discord server is for.

Is there any exception to the rule above?

Yes, if you would like company when you take a break, drop a message into the virtual space, say how long you think you’ll be on your break and be upfront if there’s anything you’d like to pick people’s brains about or enthuse about while on your break.

Can I sit next to other people taking part in Meet the Duck Day?

Yes, within reason. We ask that there is no moving into anyone’s personal space. For us, that means staying at least two arms-lengths from anyone else’s body.

What if I can’t think of anything to talk about during a break?

Conversational menus are welcomed (This is a credit-card sized list of topics you’d enjoy talking about if you find yourself taking a break the same time as someone else). It saves the anxious pressure of small talk. You can email [email protected] if you want to know more about using conversation menus.

What is Stimming? And what are the rules?

The word “stimming” refers to self-stimulating behaviors, usually involving repetitive movements or sounds.

Stimming is welcomed. Negotiating a way for everyone to be comfortable in the space if one person’s stimming causes another person’s sensory overload is also welcomed. If it’s easier, this can be broached via Zed.

How can I best experience Meet the Duck Day?

Wearing noise-cancelling headphones is highly recommended because a) it’s hard to work in total silence b) each person has their own optimal kind of sounds when working and c) people will be making and taking calls at their desk.

Are there any Welsh ICE space specific rules?

Treat the space as an enclosed public space. So follow the noise-pollution, eating and behaviour rules you’d follow if you were sat on a bus or in a waiting room with strangers.