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Director: Toby Townrow


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Company Brief

10Eighty Cymru is a pioneering consultancy that is focused on Return on Investment and demonstrable improvements in organisational and people performance. We seek trusted advisor status, really understanding our clients’ business and competitive environment and truly adding value. We are pragmatic and determined in our approach to go the extra mile to exceed client expectations. Our service offerings include:

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career Management
  • Career Transition/Outplacement

Our name reflects the employee distribution curve in a typical organisation which is made up of 3 groups of employees – 10% of highly talented individuals – we believe we can help you identify, attract and retain key talent. 80% of employees are the bedrock of the business – we will increase their engagement and in return, the organisation’s profitability and effectiveness. 
10% of employees who are leaving the organisation for a variety of reasons including re-structuring, retirement, redundancy and poor performance – we can help you effect successful transitions. 10Eighty Cymru will ensure you maximise the performance of all three groups.

Why Welsh ICE?

I have been based here since August 2016 - I was attracted to the community feel and being here has really helped me with my business aims - which at the time were to be closer to home as I was travelling extensively (really hard with a young family!).

Now I'm looking to take my business to the next level, whilst also facilitating the Pre-Revenue Accelerator Growth Programme - and I couldn't be in a better place!