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Director: Gareth Hobbs


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Company Brief

Bearhug Sports have worked for 3 years to develop and refine a first to market sports support in the UK, made using bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal reacts when in contact with the body increasing blood circulation and enabling greater body heat retention, which gives soft tissue greater flexibility which helps injury prevention and aids recovery.
We work with young elite athletes, professional and amateur sports participants to enable them to work at their best. Bearhug strives to be both sustainable and work with charities such as our partner, School of Hard Knocks Cymru, to have a positive impact on our community and those where our products are produced.

Why Welsh ICE?

We wanted to work in a creative environment which is when we feel we can work at our best level and achieve the best results. Working in a community was also a huge appeal where we can add as much value to others as they can to us.