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Director: Emlyn Davies

02921 679020

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Company Brief

We are a team of artists that work to bring 3D visuals, characters and environments to life for agencies, businesses and brands. Bomper is made up of CG specialists, animators, designers and concept artists, and so we are able to offer a wide range of services and can jump in at any stage of a project – be it concept direction and creative lead to simply supplying assets and visuals on direction. Regardless of the project, our core value is to produce the finest CGI work across stills and animation with no exception — and this dedication to craft permeates everything that we do.

Why Welsh ICE?

We chose ICE due to its amazing open and collaborative ethos towards business startup. We’d pencilled in a location in Cardiff until we first met Gareth - and after that first meeting it was obvious that ICE was the place for us. The support, friendship, collaboration and curry lunch that ICE provides have been invaluable in setting up and running Bomper, and we’re proud to be a part of the Welsh ICE family.