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Buzz Magazine is one of the most established magazines in Wales with 30 years experience in creating unique content that promotes and supports Welsh culture and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in having our finger on Wales’ cultural pulse with comprehensive editorial coverage and listings for What’s On in Wales. Covering the whole nation, Buzz Magazine is Wales’ only national events guide.

Way back in 1991, and frustrated with a lack of information of what’s on, where to go, and where things were happening in Cardiff, Buzz Magazine was born. After a few months of plotting, planning, name changing, knocking on doors, drumming up support, and of course, a few halves of cider and black, it quickly became the must-have what’s on guide for anyone wanting to know what’s going on in the city, and it has kept growing ever since.

Over the decades, Buzz has held firm and innovated in an ever-changing landscape. It’s now regarded as the go-to publication for coverage of art, clubs, music, theatre, comedy, sport, books, events, food & drink, the environment, well-being and lifestyle and all manner of other nooks, crannies and curiosities all across Wales. From a humble local what’s on guide, Buzz has flourished into a vibrant cross media platform full of reviews, interviews, features, columns and commentary, cosmopolitan in outlook, but always with a Welsh focus.

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