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Code Cleaners

Vini Holden

02921 281 826

Code Cleaners offer software project rescue and recovery services, and ad-hoc software repairs. We offer a better alternative to recruitment when a software project goes wrong. Our comprehensive suite of services are specially designed for software project rescue and risk mitigation. If you have a software project that is going or has gone wrong, you should definitely call us.
Software development and IT technology development are complex activities that require careful planning, and contain a lot of risk factors. Recent studies suggest that more than two-thirds of IT technology projects undertaken fail. In an industry prized for its innovation, we think this is simply unacceptable. As the growth in demand for skilled IT staff continues to outpace the supply, there are fewer and fewer options available to business and organisations that run into trouble with a software project. Code Cleaners offer an alternative that is low risk, with high success rates, and is more cost effective than the alternative options.
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