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Director: Huw Williams

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Company Brief

Cosmic Anvil is a comic book production company, created by Huw Williams and Hannah Collins. Cosmic Anvil follow one small idea, take everything you enjoy, and forge a story out of it. Their first title is Age of Revolution a comic book series that follows the Cosmic Anvil philosophy of story telling.

Age of Revolution is set in a world where Magic and Science wage war, and five talented individuals are brought together to not only resolve the conflict, but also unravel the mystery that surrounds it. Age of Revolution took form in the head of Huw Williams, as just a concept, the concept of bring in all of his favorite things into one story. After months of writing, character designing and drawing, Huw and Hannah finally have reached the starting point of the Age of Revolution series.

Cosmic Anvil also visits schools in the local area, teaching children how to create their own comic book. They start from the very beginning of the process, starting with story developments, moving onto script writing, and finally building the comic book and learning how to arrange the panels.

Why Welsh ICE?

"ICE is the perfect space for people like ourselves. Not only does it have a wealth of experts under it's roof, but they are all creative and inventive. Ideas are constantly being passed around the building, sometimes helping business problems, or sometimes help with Mother's Day presents." - Huw Williams