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Datris Ltd

Dafydd Davies

029 22 093 094

Datris has been established as an agile, specialist venture to exploit identified opportunities in Big Data Analytics for businesses and organisations as well as developing our own specific end-user data applications.

Datris stands for Data > Transformation > Insight datris.solutions

We have developed SEEKER as our core big data analytics platform that encompasses:- – data acquisition, scraping, integration processes – semantic search, NLP – advanced analytics and ontologies – data visualisation tools to optimise insight and effective decision making.

Data is often THE key asset for businesses and organisations yet they often drown in their own data that is neither understood nor exploited. And this is frequently coupled with very limited knowledge of readily available external data that could be also be harnessed for their benefit.

Datris Directors not only have an in-depth understanding of the latest generation advanced data solutions and technologies but critically includes leading practitioners in strategic management and business innovation processes. Datris is already working in aerospace, education and digital marketing. We would welcome the opportunity to explore data analytics opportunities in you organisation. Please contact us at Welsh ICE for more information.

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