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If you’ve ever said ‘I wish I could get up there and get a closer look at that’​, we can help you.

Being able to take a good look at things is often the best way to inform decision making or planning your immediate ‘next move’​.

There are situations when doing this can be tricky, expensive and challenging.

Using Drone technology, ExCAELO is able to remove the trickiness, reduce costs and lessen the challenge.

Not only can our drones provide the picture but also the perspective, whatever you’re looking at. We’re able to see what others can’t and provide you with a cost-efficient, quick, minimal impact inspection service.

Through the use of  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles we can offer indoor (access permitting) or outdoor:

– Aerial Photography – Close-up, Panoramic, Overhead or Oblique
– Aerial Video
– Photogrammetry Services, Orthophotos and Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

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