GreenNova Productions - Welsh ICE

GreenNova Productions

Christopher Deakin & James Clarke

02921 679096

We are a new and dynamic video production company specialising in creating high quality, visually stunning content ranging from music videos, promotional videos and cinematic fiction films. We take a cinematic approach to all of our work, creating products that are visually engaging as well as focusing on all the key aspects that goes into telling a great story or building a brand.

Our dedicated team members are highly skilled in their fields, with our award winning cinematographer and passionate team we aim to produce content we can be proud of. We can be involved in the video production process from the very beginning of idea conception, through to storyboarding, filming, editing and delivery. We have experience in creating a wide variety of videos, whether it be a charity event, a promotional or educational video to a music video: we are a production company that can bring your ideas, whether they are big or small, to life.

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