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Director: Hannah Collins

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Company Brief

I am a freelance artist who specialises in traditionally-crafted illustrations and design for commercial and private use, including PR/marketing illustrations, logo design, book illustrations, cartoons, and more. I love being creatively challenged, so I am always happy to work on as many different projects as possible.

Why Welsh ICE?

I chose ICE initiallly as it was affordable and close to where I lived, and I liked the idea of working in a collaborative environment rather than being isolated by working at home. The most amazing thing about ICE has been that it has completely changed my perception of what an entrepreneur is. I used to think everyone who wanted to start a business was an Alan Sugar-type, but I've learnt that entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, and the variety of personalities and business ideas is really fun to work around. I also expected the atmosphere to be very competitive, but it's the exact opposite: everyone is a problem-solver and everyone is more than willing to help you through those moments of frustration or self-doubt because they've been through it all too. ICE is a real community.