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Director: Steve Morgan

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Company Brief

Steve Morgan of Morgan Online Marketing helps businesses with their SEO (search engine optimisation), which is the process of improving a website’s performance and visibility in search engines such as Google. Services include keyword research, on-site copy & technical tweaks, link building strategy & implementation, Local SEO and link removal/disavow.

He has been working full-time in the SEO industry since early 2009 – having previously worked at two Cardiff-based agencies as well as national household name – before taking the leap into self-employment in mid-2013. He is very passionate about SEO – his blog (SEOno) has recently been the finalist of two blogging awards (one regional, one national) and he has spoken at a number of industry events including BrightonSEO, the UK’s biggest SEO conference. He is also a regular contributor to State Of Digital, a well-respected digital marketing resource, and has previously contributed to Moz, one of the biggest websites in the industry.

As a solo consultant, Steve mostly works with small businesses and startups (including some of those based at ICE!) but he has also worked with a few larger, more well-known names, including Cardiff University, and Investec Asset Management.

More personally, Steve loves swimming, red wine, RPG video games and being a new dad!

Why Welsh ICE?

"Having previously worked from home before for an old job that involved remote working, I know what it can be like. It was a complete novelty at first: my hours were flexible, I could take lunch whenever I wanted, I could work in my PJs if I really wanted to…! But after a few months, the novelty wore off, and I found it quite isolating, boring and lonely - especially as my role didn't include much travelling around - not even for local meetings. My coffee table became my desk, and I lived in my lounge 24/7. It was horrible."

Steve said that "I told myself that if I ever went self-employed, I would seek out office space for myself." It was around this time, the idea of co-working had really started to take off. Steve met Gareth (who runs ICE) at a local event. He came along to a pre-launch event in 2011 and fell in love with the place. It was in this moment he told himself that if he ever went self-employed, he would move into ICE.

Eventually, that idea became a reality: Steve left his old agency job in April 2013, started up Morgan Online Marketing in May and moved into ICE in June. "I didn't waste any time! And I've been here ever since," he says.

"In addition to the social element, and the fact that you can bounce ideas or ask advice of your fellow co-workers, the one thing that gets forgotten about with a place like this - that has worked well for me - has been the networking and collaborative side of it. I've worked with a few ICE-based businesses, not only providing SEO services but in one case I hired Cosmic Anvil to provide illustrations for an industry blog post that I was writing - something that I doubt would've happened had I not known or met them here. It was just one of those spontaneous 'light-bulb' moments that you often seem to get at a place like this. I love it here." - Steve Morgan.