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Vicky Mann

029 2167 9074

NearMeNow is an app that brings all independent businesses together in one place online; creating a one-stop location for digital interaction with independent businesses on the high street. Traditional shop front advertising, that would appear on posters and a-boards can be viewed by customers, whether sitting at home, in the office or in a coffee shop nearby. NearMeNow also creates a truly digital high street environment; allowing customers who are on the high street to view and interact with businesses through augmented reality tiles, overlaid on the real-world view.

Each tile can be created, amended and deleted at the touch of a button, placing emerging technology in the palms of the hands of small business owners across the country, ahead of some of the giants in their sector. With a messaging feature accessed via a map, that has been dubbed as ‘the WhatsApp for business’, customers can send free text messages by touching the business on a map, removing the need to search for the business’ telephone number or search for their social media account. To complete the digital toolkit, NearMeNow provides a transactional feature to enable customers to remotely secure goods or services. NearMeNow’s location-based functionality allows the same app to be used from town to town, allowing users to support independent businesses wherever they visit, nationwide.

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