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Director: Tony Sage


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An engaging Health & Safety Business.
Wise advice, guidance, coaching and training
Offering an approach taking people into account

Safety Sage is the business to help all be Safer, Healthier, Wealthier by Demystifying Health & Safety. They are an engaging Health & Safety Business offering advice, guidance, coaching and training in your language. They take people into account, not forgetting a focus on leadership, behaviours, engagement and culture.

Safety Sage say you have to have a bit of fun along the way because if you enjoy it you’ll do a better job! So whatever is important to you, talk to them and they’ll help you do the things you love.

Frequently asked questions:

Q – So what do I actually need to do with Health & Safety?
A – Let’s find out what you have for starters.
Q – Will you do my Health & Safety?
A – Yes, but with you – it’s your responsibility.
Q – Where did you work before?
A – I used to work in a Helium factory, but I left there…I wasn’t going to be spoken to in that tone.

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Being a chatty smiley, person I love to be there with like minded folks, dedicated, passionate, smart folks. it's my new family!