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Director: Sam Williams

07931 160615

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Company Brief

Here at SmartPA we provide a variety of business support services ranging from traditional PA and secretarial duties, to operations management. We learn about your business to ensure that we integrate ourselves into your team, and appear to the outside world as a permanent member of the team. Contracting our services mean that you get the same work done, but you will not incur the associated costs of a PAYE employee. And unlike full time employees all tasks are charged to the nearest minute so we are 100% productive!

In addition we can offer non business related support…often referred to as concierge style services.  This can be as simple as sourcing a gift, to arranging planning permission for home renovations! This service is designed to give you time to work on your business, and gives you the luxury to give us anything that is eating away at your time.

Why Welsh ICE?

Working at ICE, amongst other business owners, provides the community feel that is lacking when starting your own business. There are lots of great opportunities to develop through the many (free!) workshops on offer, and it’s a great place to share experiences and support each other.