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STEMpowered Learning

Dr Anita Shaw

(029) 2167 9068

STEMpowered Learning aims to empower teachers to teach STEM confidently and passionately so that they become advocates of best practice in STEM, and sources of inspiration to their pupils.

STEMpowered Learning works with primary school teachers in line with Professor Graham Donaldson’s Successful Futures. We focus on the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Expertise and the cross curricula responsibilities:

1. to empower teachers to bring their science and technology teaching to life through interactivity
2. to give teachers the confidence to open their class to enquiry
3. to provide teachers with support to inspire pupils in the real world applications of classroom science and technology
4. to provide teachers with skills that can be used across the curriculum

Whether teachers are looking for support to introduce STEM across the curriculum, or to close the gap between pupils who are eligible for free school meals or are looked after and other pupils, or to start STEM or coding clubs, we can help!

We specialise in:
• introducing simple, interactive ways to encourage pupils to ‘learn how to learn’ by thinking about, experimenting with and discussing science and technology
• showing how classroom science relates directly to real jobs in science and technology
• alerting teachers to other initiatives that will inform, support and add value to their classroom teaching and to their enjoyment of science and technology

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