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Stephen Broadhurst

02922 677189

We’re a company founded with a mission to bring virtual and human employees together to achieve world leading sales and customer service
Stephen, having worked at some of the largest inbound service AI systems for companies such as Sky, Vodafone, Lloyds and RBS while leading IBM UK’s conversational practice, decided it wasn’t enough for AI to sit back and wait for customers to contact organisations. AI needs to reach out and help customers when they need help, not when it’s convenient for the corporation, AI needed to scale in the times and places when humans can’t, and AI needed to act in concert with employees, not in isolation. Stephen left to set up ThinJetty, an ethical AI organisation that connects and partners each virtual employee with a human employee to grow and learn together.

Here at ThinJetty we build virtual employees, chatbots, and voice activated conversational systems, and provide training on the best ways to do this. We’ve chosen to build our organisation in Cardiff, a dynamic and fast-growing European capital, with a strong base of local contact and service providers, and a group of excellent universities.

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