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Director: Craig Mapstone and Raj Chand


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WEIRD TRIANGLE is all about creating designs that may make you smile, laugh, think, cry, engage and hopefully encourage people to be themselves. We are inspired by the things that we enjoy (sci-fi, comics, movies, tv, books, music, long walks on the beach, etc.) as well as the world around us (nature, science, community, people) and try to bring some of these influences into everything we design.

Founded by Craig and Raj out of a shared interest in creating things that were different and special, WEIRD TRIANGLE is about bringing form, function and innovation into the world as an act of radical beauty. It is about not being afraid to say something about yourself and the positive change you can make to world around you. It is about reflecting who you truly are.

As well as producing our own designs, WEIRD TRIANGLE offers bespoke design and printing services on t-shirts and a range of other garments, mugs, key rings, magnets and phone cases. Email us for more information and pricing.

We sat down with Craig Mapstone to see how many questions he could answer in 50 seconds:

Why Welsh ICE?

At Weird Triangle we have three main core values (like the points on a triangle).
They are:
Excellent Products and Services,
Outstanding Customer Service and Support,
and a Supportive, Nurturing and Collaborative Working Environment, that promotes the health and wellbeing of our team.
In addition to this we place strong importance on trying to be as ecologically and ethically sound as possible in everything that we do.

We chose ICE because we feel that they share these same values and beliefs with us. We are attracted to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community that is promoted at ICE, as well as the encouragement of collaboration and support between businesses. We are also encouraged by the advice, help and support that is available to all businesses based at ICE regardless of whether they are a well-established company or just starting out.